Property investment


“ I was born here, in Puning, GuangDong Province. I always grateful to my family and hometown.” says the founder of winfat. The ultimate aim is to help enhance Puning people’s life living quality, to give back to local communities and deliver more to you and your next generation.


In 2010, winfat holdings invested in the construction of “South Meiyuan Park” in Guangdong province. The park is a key construction project for the cities of Jieyang and Puning. The total planned investment is 3.6 billion RMB. This new park, which is a national AAAA-rated tourist attraction, will provide local residents with an attractive and natural leisure destination that features a combination of nature, culture, tourist attractions and residential areas.



South Meiyuan Park is located in the southwest of Puning and Jieyang City, Guangdong Province, 3 kilometers away from the downtown area, with a total area of about 333 hectares and a total construction area of about 2 million square meters , invested by Hong Kong winfat Group.


Residential area

It's one of the best residential areas to live in Puning. Quite, cozy and natural environment with fresh air. It can be called natural oxygen bar of southern china. We wishes to make the world we live in a better place.


Tourist attraction

Puning is home to a large number of historical tourist attractions, including Panlong Temple, Deanli Village, and Hongyang Ancient Town. You will feel spellbound in a charming atmosphere.


Local culture

You can experience all kinds of outstanding local cultural features such as Chaozhao specialty cuisine, embroidery, theater, wooden carvings, residences and Kung-fu tea here in Meiyuan.