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To create health, wisdom and happiness for children's growth. To become a world-class educational group. To unlock children's unlimited potential

winfun® brand

winfun® was founded in Hong Kong in 2005. We are one of the world’s leading providers of baby and kids products designed for different developmental phases.winfun® products have a range of fun and educational features that systematically help to improve children’s skills at different stages of their development, including cognitive, physical and social. Our products are designed to stimulate children’s imagination and interest in new objects – as our name suggests, we want children to ‘win’ new skills while having ‘fun’.

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As an international brand, winfun® has prepared a full set of off/online brand-to-local marketing materials to our local distributor, agents, wholesalers and help them to know more about winfun® brand and distribute winfun® product to local customers easily.


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